Best Residential Contractors in San Francisco

Throughout this website, we have explored the work of the Bay Area’s most prestigious residential architects and best interior designers. But behind every successful, world-class structure these architects design – are the builders that make it a reality. These builders have the knowledge, skills, and local networks to meticulously turn architectural drawings into physical buildings. Their superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and mastery of the newest building technology, including green building techniques, have helped them rise to the top of their fields. Whether they are undertaking a small-scale kitchen remodel, a whole house renovation or a new construction project, the ten general contractors on this list are the best residential builders in the Bay Area today.

About our methodology – We analyzed customer reviews, government building permit data, and the work history of hundreds of residential general contractors and home builders in San Francisco. We also considered what architects the company works with and any awards and recognition their work has received. We didn’t rely solely on one or two metrics to determine which builder was superior to another. For example, if one builder had a lot of positive customer reviews, but lacked a solid work history and permit data, then the reviews had less weight. We looked at all of these factors to determine what residential builders belonged at the top of the list. Continue reading “Best Residential Contractors in San Francisco”

The Best Architects in Oakland

Oakland, the largest city in the East Bay, is increasingly becoming a popular destination and larger player in the region. As the city across the Bay from San Francisco has experienced a period of steady population growth for the past decade and an influx of economic activity, its built environment has begun to adapt and change as well. Whether it is new high-end single-family homes in Berkeley Hills, an eco-friendly house in Piedmont, or one of the 20 new towers coming to Oakland – the East Bay is attracting some of the region’s best architects and design firms to help shape these new buildings and developments.

Oakland is proud of its working-class history and many locals are committed to preserving the structures and character that are there. So in addition to designing new buildings, these architects creatively and carefully restore and repurpose the city’s historic buildings, giving them new life. And as the most ethnically diverse major city in the country, Oakland’s history and culture show through its buildings, unique streets, and diverse neighborhoods – and many of the architects on this list show respect for this in their designs, infusing the city’s heart and personality into their buildings, whether is a new restaurant or low-income housing project.

The 11 architecture firms included on this list represent the best of design in Oakland. Most of these firms are located in the East Bay or are changing the built environment in a significant enough way as to be included. They are split into three categories based on their primary focus – residential, small commercial properties, such as retail, office, and restaurant design, and large commercial projects, including major multi-family developments and high-rises. Continue reading “The Best Architects in Oakland”