The Best Residential Contractors in Sonoma County

A list of the Best Contractors in Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Glen Ellen, Sonoma, and More!

This website has looked at the work of the Bay Area’s top residential architects in California’s Wine Country, most prestigious residential architects, and best interior designers. To make the beautiful designs by these architects a reality, it requires skilled and dedicated general contractors. Throughout Sonoma, there are stunning homes, whether on a hilltop in Healdsburg, the edge of a vineyard in Sonoma, or on a sprawling ranch in Sebastopol. The builders behind these high-end residences are masters at working with varied materials, overcoming challenging worksites, and implementing difficult and innovative designs. And with a climate ideal for indoor/outdoor living, these companies know how to blur the line between the home’s interior and the nature surrounding it.

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Best Residential Contractors in San Francisco

Throughout this website, we have explored the work of the Bay Area’s most prestigious residential architects and best interior designers. But behind every successful, world-class structure these architects design – are the builders that make it a reality. These builders have the knowledge, skills, and local networks to meticulously turn architectural drawings into physical buildings. Their superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and mastery of the newest building technology, including green building techniques, have helped them rise to the top of their fields. Whether they are undertaking a small-scale kitchen remodel, a whole house renovation or a new construction project, the ten general contractors on this list are the best residential builders in the Bay Area today.

About our methodology – We analyzed customer reviews, government building permit data, and the work history of hundreds of residential general contractors and home builders in San Francisco. We also considered what architects the company works with and any awards and recognition their work has received. We didn’t rely solely on one or two metrics to determine which builder was superior to another. For example, if one builder had a lot of positive customer reviews, but lacked a solid work history and permit data, then the reviews had less weight. We looked at all of these factors to determine what residential builders belonged at the top of the list. Continue reading “Best Residential Contractors in San Francisco”

The Best Architects in Oakland

Oakland, the largest city in the East Bay, is increasingly becoming a popular destination and larger player in the region. As the city across the Bay from San Francisco has experienced a period of steady population growth for the past decade and an influx of economic activity, its built environment has begun to adapt and change as well. Whether it is new high-end single-family homes in Berkeley Hills, an eco-friendly house in Piedmont, or one of the 20 new towers coming to Oakland – the East Bay is attracting some of the region’s best architects and design firms to help shape these new buildings and developments.

Oakland is proud of its working-class history and many locals are committed to preserving the structures and character that are there. So in addition to designing new buildings, these architects creatively and carefully restore and repurpose the city’s historic buildings, giving them new life. And as the most ethnically diverse major city in the country, Oakland’s history and culture show through its buildings, unique streets, and diverse neighborhoods – and many of the architects on this list show respect for this in their designs, infusing the city’s heart and personality into their buildings, whether is a new restaurant or low-income housing project.

The 11 architecture firms included on this list represent the best of design in Oakland. Most of these firms are located in the East Bay or are changing the built environment in a significant enough way as to be included. They are split into three categories based on their primary focus – residential, small commercial properties, such as retail, office, and restaurant design, and large commercial projects, including major multi-family developments and high-rises. Continue reading “The Best Architects in Oakland”

The Best Residential Architects in the Peninsula (Bay Area)

Just south of San Francisco, the Peninsula offers peaceful natural settings, gorgeous views, exclusive suburban living, and is home to some of the world’s top companies. And the quiet towns that make up this area hold some of the most intriguing and beautiful homes in the Bay Area. From Palo Alto to the outrageously expensive Atherton and Woodside, exclusive Menlo Parks, Hillsborough, Burlingame, and throughout the many other quiet towns neighborhoods where Silicon Valley’s visionaries live — the architects on this list have designed some of the area’s best homes.

In an area traditionally filled with Craftsman, Spanish, and Tudor style homes, the architects on this list are masters at integrating new, challenging building forms without compromising neighborhood aesthetics. They are among the few architects adding modern and contemporary homes to these areas and are pushing local architectural ideas forward.

The efforts in this region by these architects have been rewarded with countless industry awards and wide publication. Indeed, among the architects on this list are those lucky few who have been picked from the bunch to design for Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Oracle CEO David Elliston, among many other high profile area residents. Below is a list of the ten best residential architects in the Peninsula.

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The Best Residential Architects in Sonoma, Santa Rosa, and Napa

Northern California’s wine country is notorious for its world-class wineries, top restaurants, and beautiful landscapes. And tucked among these highlights are amazing homes designed by some of the best architects in the country. There is a casual elegance to the homes in this area. Their architecture takes direct cues from the beautiful landscape and relaxed style of living of Napa and Sonoma.

These architects design wine country homes to reflect the expansive views of rolling hills, valleys, and sprawling vineyards. Many have a feeling of a retreat, inviting their owners to slow down and admire the bountiful lands before them. It is not uncommon to see homes made of natural materials, making them look as though they have always belonged there. And these architects are masters at site planning and positioning a home to take advantage of the views.

We looked at hundreds of architects to pick the best residential wine country architects. Some of these firms may be located in San Francisco, Sonoma, Napa, and across the Peninsula — but the exceptional work they do in Napa and Sonoma makes them dream choices for new home designs and the renovation of the area’s historic homes into elevated, 21st-century estates.

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The Best Winery Architects in Sonoma and Napa Counties

When most people think of California Wine Country, they understandably think of the delicious wines. But as impressive as the wines of Napa and Sonoma are, the estates on which they are grown, perfected, and enjoyed are equally as worthy of praise. As you travels around windy roads and lush hillsides in Napa and Sonoma, you will find world-class wineries in districts such as Oakville and Rutherford. These celebrated vineyards deserve facilities that showcase the fine quality of their wines, and for this, they turn to the architects on this list – the best nine winery architects in Wine Country.

Not only do these architects design stunning wine tastings rooms and visitor’s centers, but they have to have the technical knowledge and creative design skills to create wine caves, fermentation cellars, and barrel storage. They have the range to design for small, family-run vineyards and large, world-class wineries. Their projects range from modernist structures to rustic barns that blend in with the local aesthetic. But they are all expertly designed and positioned to highlight the gorgeous landscapes Napa and Sonoma offer.

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The Best Office Architects in San Francisco

San Francisco is home to some of the world’s most recognizable, profitable, and fastest-growing companies. And behind every successful company is a workspace. This is where these architects come in. Included on this list are architects who have built some of the most inspired offices and campuses in the Bay Area. Given the impressive portfolio of companies that call San Francisco home, it is no surprise that some of these offices are almost too amazing to believe. Specifics vary based on the company, but throughout this list you will find spaces with the most modern technology, fantastic hang-out areas, in-house cafes, restaurants, and bars, and some truly creative solutions to encourage collaboration. Read on to learn about the architects who designed campuses for Facebook, Yelp, Linkedin, and Yahoo!, the headquarters of Airbnb, Dropbox, Skype, and Twitter, and offices for Uber, Yelp, Pandora, and Microsoft.

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The Best Residential Interior Designers in San Francisco

The Bay Area has some of the world’s top residential architectural practices. (If there was any doubt, check out our list of the city’s Top Residential Architects). So it only makes sense then that the region would also be home to top-of-the-line interior designers to make those spaces into the perfect homes. Many of the designers included on this list have worked repeatedly with the top architectural firms. They work in San Francisco’s most fashionable neighborhoods and on magnificent homes set in the stunning landscapes that surround the city. Included are designers who have been invited to some of the country’s most exclusive showcases, two designers on the elite AD100, and multiple designers who have been featured on HGTV. Whether they are designing for clients where money is no matter, creating fun homes for active families, or cleverly making the most of small city apartments on smaller budgets – these ten designers have been picked from hundreds as the best of the best in San Francisco residential interior design.

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The Best Affordable Housing Architects in San Francisco

It is no secret that San Francisco is becoming an ever more expensive city to live in. And while all major metropolitan areas struggle with how to provide affordable housing, this is an increasingly urgent task for the city of San Francisco, especially as people continue to flock to the coastal city. Designing affordable housing adds extra considerations and complications – such as restricted budgets and the necessity of proximity to transportation. And given the nature of the housing problem in San Francisco, many of those individuals and families eligible for affordable housing have experienced homelessness at some point. This makes the provision of community services in these developments all the more important. Over the last few decades, there has been a move away from the isolated and concentrated method of American public housing, typified by towering low-income housing buildings, often in crime-ridden neighborhoods. Rather, the trend is towards incorporating these units into mixed-income areas and integrating them into the communities. Included on this list are eight architects who have met the tough challenge of designing dignified and innovative affordable housing for the area.

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The Best Multi-Family Housing Architects in San Francisco

With a population growing as rapidly as that in San Francisco, building sufficient housing for the influx of residents is an important, but difficult, task. The crowded neighborhoods and natural geography of the city itself poses significant challenges. Add to that the need to consider how to design a building that matches the scale and architecture of its surrounding, adds to the urban community, contains sufficient amenities for its residents, and allows for future growth. Included in this list are architects who have accepted and excelled at overcoming these challenges. You will find beautiful up-scale townhomes, skyrises with luxury condominiums, community based housing for low-income families, student housing, and everything in between. Below are 11 of the best multi-family architecture practices in San Francisco.

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