Marina Architecture

Just immediately east of the Presidio, the Marina District is one of the best-known neighborhoods of San Francisco. Particularly, the district was the site of 1915 Panama–Pacific International Exposition that celebrated the city’s resilience and resurgence after the devastating 1906 earthquake. Today, the Palace of Fine Arts is found here, the sole survivor of that era. The district is also notable for being virtually unchanged since the homes were first constructed in the 1920s. With outdoor access, shopping, dining and bay front views this neighborhood is wonderful. We decided to walk into the neighborhood to check-out the newly designed and remodeled homes, and select our bests and favorites. Here are our favorite homes in the neighborhood, together with the architects and contractors that (re)built them. Check them out below and stay tuned for more updates!
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Seacliff Architecture

Found immediately southwest of the Presidio, Seacliff sits on the cliffs between Baker Beach and Lands End.  As a relatively late addition to San Francisco, the entire neighborhood was originally designed in a single master plan and has stone pillars at its entrances. With stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands, some of the most well-known celebrities have lived in this northwestern neighborhood of the city.  This area is home to some of the most premiere and exclusive pieces of real estate out there. We were really curious about what new designs were coming into the area.  We present here our favorite newly-designed homes in Seacliff, along with the architects and contractors that made these homes top-notch. Stay tuned!

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Presidio and Laurel Heights Architecture

Presidio Heights has some of the nicest homes in all of San Francisco. It sits immediately south of the Presidio. Nestled between the Presidio, Pacific Heights and shopping on Sacramento St and in Laurel Village there’s no wonder that these homes are some of the nicest in San Francisco. Many of these homes have bay views and are walking distance from Julius Khan park for children to play. We wanted to see homes in Presidio Heights that are newly designed and who is designing them. To do so we looked at homes that, in the past 12 months, have completed major construction or remodeling. Below are the newly designed homes in Presidio Heights, along with the architects and contractors that made the designs possible. Take a peek!

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The Best Affordable Housing Architects in San Francisco

It is no secret that San Francisco is becoming an ever more expensive city to live in. And while all major metropolitan areas struggle with how to provide affordable housing, this is an increasingly urgent task for the city of San Francisco, especially as people continue to flock to the coastal city. Designing affordable housing adds extra considerations and complications – such as restricted budgets and the necessity of proximity to transportation. And given the nature of the housing problem in San Francisco, many of those individuals and families eligible for affordable housing have experienced homelessness at some point. This makes the provision of community services in these developments all the more important. Over the last few decades, there has been a move away from the isolated and concentrated method of American public housing, typified by towering low-income housing buildings, often in crime-ridden neighborhoods. Rather, the trend is towards incorporating these units into mixed-income areas and integrating them into the communities. Included on this list are eight architects who have met the tough challenge of designing dignified and innovative affordable housing for the area.

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The Best Multi-Family Housing Architects in San Francisco

With a population growing as rapidly as that in San Francisco, building sufficient housing for the influx of residents is an important, but difficult, task. The crowded neighborhoods and natural geography of the city itself poses significant challenges. Add to that the need to consider how to design a building that matches the scale and architecture of its surrounding, adds to the urban community, contains sufficient amenities for its residents, and allows for future growth. Included in this list are architects who have accepted and excelled at overcoming these challenges. You will find beautiful up-scale townhomes, skyrises with luxury condominiums, community based housing for low-income families, student housing, and everything in between. Below are 11 of the best multi-family architecture practices in San Francisco.

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The Best Restaurant Architects

San Francisco has one of the country’s best food scenes. So it is only fitting that these restaurants have top-notch designs. Luckily, the city has a handful of architects who specialize in restaurant design, with portfolios of award-winning bars, lounges, and restaurants. In this list, you’ll find a little of everything: barbecue joints, exclusive wine tasting lounges, upscale French restaurants, and even what may be the most green cafe in the city. Included in this list are 3 James Beard award winners, many AIA recognized architects and the firm that designed what Thrillist named the best-designed restaurant in the country.  

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The Best Green Architects in San Francisco

California has long been at the forefront of sustainability and green practices. So it is of little surprise that California is home to more winners of the AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) Top Ten Awards than any other state, nearly 3x as many. And a number of these architects are based in San Francisco. The city’s commitment to environmental responsibility makes it a key testing ground for the newest sustainable building and design practices. This list features ten of San Francisco’s top green architects.

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The Best Custom Home Builders in San Francisco Bay Area

When designing a new building or doing an extensive remodel, the typical process is to hire an architect, and later hire a general contractor to actually build what the architect has drawn up. However, there is a new model of construction that is becoming increasingly popular: design/build firms. Rather than using two separate companies, design/build firms let clients hire one company to take care of the entire project – from the beginning design stages through final construction. These full-service practices often have both experienced architects and contractors on their staff, as well as interior designers and even landscape architects. It’s like a ‘one-stop-shop’ for your building needs.  The seven practices featured here are the top design/build firms in the Bay Area. 

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Pacific Heights Architecture

Pacific Heights is home to some of the nicest homes in San Francisco. Sitting on a hill with views of the San Francisco Bay these homes are beautiful. We wanted to see the homes in Pacific Heights that are newly designed. To do so, we looked at the homes that have completed major renovations in 2016.  For this project, our borders are those designated by the city running east to west from Presidio Avenue to Van Ness and north to south from California Street to Green Street. Last year, 186 homes in Pacific Heights completed construction projects.  Of this large list, 23 homes were either new or underwent major renovations, which we define as any home with a building permit marked as greater than $200,000.  Below are the newly designed homes in Pacific Heights, the architects that designed them and more. Take a peek inside some of the newest nicest homes in the city and learn who designed them!

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Cole Valley Architecture

Last weekend, our team walked every street in San Francisco’s Cole Valley. Of the recently renovated homes, we picked the homes in Cole Valley with the best design. Some are new custom homes and some are renovated Victorians. Take a look below and see our favorite homes in Cole Valley and the architects that designed them. The designs are broken down by the different streets of Cole Valley. Stay tuned for updates!

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