Overview-By Neighborhood


San Francisco is a city known for its neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its own character and high street with shops, restaurants, and more. As you walk from neighborhood to neighborhood the cities facade changes with the cities varying architecture. From commercial lofts in Soma to new apartments in Dogpatch to mansions in pacific heights to Victorians in Nopa this page explores the each of San Francisco’s neighborhood’s architecture



Below are lists of the San Francisco Architects. These architects are ranked on a number of factors including awards, clientele, past projects, and more. Each list represents a different category of building and architecture. Search the list below to see who is the best architect in San Francisco and to find an architect for your project.

San Francisco Architecture

As a world-class city, San Francisco is home to some of the best architects and architectural firms from across the globe. These decorated architects continue a long tradition in the city of pushing the field of architectural design forward.  From Spanish Colonization, through the Gold Rush, multiple massive earthquakes, and numerous periods of rapid development, looking at city’s buildings and the men and women who designed them tells a fascinating story of the history of the city itself.

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