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The Best Home Addition Contractors in San Mateo, California

February 13, 2024 7 Min Read

San Mateo, California, is a city with the perfect blend of coastal beauty and urban sophistication. Nestled in the heart of the San Francisco Peninsula, it offers its residents breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, a vibrant community, excellent schools, and a myriad of recreational opportunities. From its charming residential neighborhoods to its bustling downtown district, San Mateo is a city that captures the essence of California living.

If you’re considering a home addition in San Mateo, you’ll want to collaborate with the best in the business. Our team has meticulously curated a list of the finest home addition contractors in the area, based on their impressive portfolios, unmatched expertise, outstanding customer feedback, and recognition within the industry. These contractors are renowned for their meticulous attention to detail, innovative designs, and unwavering commitment to turning houses into dream homes.

Tracery Professional Builders, Inc.

251 E Hacienda Ave, Unit C, Campbell, CA 95008

Tracery Professional Builders, Inc. specializes in full-service residential remodeling and custom home building. With a dedicated focus on delivering top-notch artistry through meticulous attention to detail, its approach is all about providing clients with a professional, personalized experience. President Mark Macdonald has a remarkable academic background, holding degrees in construction management, structural engineering, and architecture. This ensures a well-rounded evaluation of every project’s aspects, maintaining harmony between scope, budget, and schedule.

Affiliated with the Better Business Bureau and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry Silicon Valley, as well as recognized as part of the 2023 Qualified Remodeler Top 500, Tracery Professional Builders has also been featured in South Bay Accent and Architectural Digest. With Mark Macdonald’s extensive expertise and certifications, Tracery Professional Builders, Inc. stands out in the building industry.

Mayer’s Construction & Remodeling

090 Huntingdon Dr, San Jose, CA, 95129

A trusted name in construction and remodeling, Mayer’s Construction & Remodeling knows clients’ expectations and is well-prepared to meet them. The firm’s skilled team, with years of expertise and access to industry-leading tools, ensures that its clients’ investments yield unparalleled results.

Affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, its commitment to ethical business practices is unwavering. Guided by principal Mor Meir’s vision, Mayer’s Construction & Remodeling consistently strives for excellence in every project it undertakes. Whether it’s a home remodel or a large-scale construction endeavor, the company approaches each task with dedication and precision. It also approaches each project with the goal of building lasting relationships, as more clients get to discover its unwavering commitment to quality.

Valley Home Builders

3466 Edward Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, Valley Home Builders thrives in the vibrant landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area. Its mission centers on crafting living spaces that harmoniously blend aesthetics and functionality. Its dedicated team comprises architects, engineers, designers, project managers, and a skilled building crew, all working in tandem to bring its clients’ dream homes to life. 

The firm has served Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties for nearly two decades, specializing in home remodeling and additions. Its journey began in 2005, and since then, it has undertaken diverse projects across the Bay Area, from complete rebuilds and ADU constructions to kitchen and bath upgrades. Attention to detail is its hallmark, evident in every aspect of its work, from utilizing screws for squeak-free wood floors to employing Type L copper pipes for superior durability. This dedication to excellence is rooted in CEO Mehdi Vatani’s strong passion for construction. 

Mr. & Mrs. Construction

1500 Wyatt Dr, Suite #4, Santa Clara, CA 95054

For 25 years, Mr. & Mrs. Construction has been delivering luxurious home transformations, including bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, complete remodels, and room additions. It is a licensed, bonded, and insured company, ensuring its reliability and trustworthiness in the construction and remodeling field. The company understands the artistry required to achieve impeccable results, and despite its growth, it maintains the personal touch that defines its service. 

The principal, Lital Ben Moshe, embodies Mr. & Mrs. Construction’s commitment to excellence, leading the dedicated team to deliver top-notch home remodeling solutions. Its journey over the years has been filled with achievements and accolades, yet its focus remains on providing its clients with the best possible experience. 

Golden View Renovation

1630 Old Oakland Rd, a217, San Jose, CA 95131

With two decades of experience, Golden View Renovation is made up of a team of experienced project renovators, designers, and developers. It integrates advanced technology with construction know-how to craft a unique algorithm. This algorithm, rooted in human engineering principles, precisely tailors each project to the client, considering their personal preferences and physical attributes. Through this insightful analysis, the company has discovered that more than 40% of individuals wish to tweak their designs post-construction. Hence, it is committed to delivering their desired design and ensuring it resonates with them for the long haul.

Principal Tal Shoshan, hailing from a lineage of builders, embarked on his construction journey at 17. With a decade-long commitment to the field, he has emerged as a modern construction, design, and development leader. Leveraging various tools, he aims to ensure unparalleled construction experiences for each client. His ultimate objective is guaranteeing 100% long-term customer satisfaction that provides happiness for years.

Home Pride Construction

580 Crespi Dr Unit S, Pacifica, CA 94044

Home Pride Construction’s journey traces back to 1986 when its founder, Rick Lee, embarked on this remarkable venture. In 2008, the reins were passed on to his son, Richard, who upholds his father’s vision. Over the past three and a half decades, this father-son duo has nurtured the company into what it stands for today—a reliable and all-encompassing residential contracting firm.

Founder Rick Lee boasts an impressive 40-year history in construction, spanning carpentry, project management, and development. Meanwhile, as president, Richard Lee brings 25 years of construction expertise that encompasses carpentry, design, and project management. He is also a licensed Real Estate Broker collaborating with the Home Sales Team in Pacifica, California. In leading the company, Richard has come to appreciate the significance of meticulous planning and complete transparency within the team. Through this approach, he ensures that every team member knows their role at every stage of the project, resulting in impeccable work executed promptly. 

AV Builders

285 Old County Rd, Suite 7, San Carlos, CA 94070

A.V. Builders, a boutique custom home builder in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, stands ready to manifest its clients’ dream homes. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, it brings forth the expertise and acumen needed to create exquisite luxury homes destined to become cherished family sanctuaries. From ambitious remodels to innovative additions and entirely bespoke custom homes, it embarks on each project with dedication and a discerning eye for detail. As the firm recognizes the value of a personal touch in every aspect of home creation, clients will be privileged to work alongside the firm’s esteemed president, Andrew Vanni, who serves as a steadfast guide throughout the journey—from the initial idea spark to the final flourish.

A.V. Builders holds affiliations that enrich its craft and show its dedication to upholding a standard of excellence that transcends awards and accolades. Its dedication to the art of home building speaks for itself, and it is looking forward to exploring the possibilities with its future clients.