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Richmond Architecture

July 12, 2017 4 Min Read


Recently, I re-walked every street in San Francisco’s Richmond District, the neighborhood I grew up in. Going through those streets, we picked the recently built and renovated homes with the best design and craftsmanship. With that, we present here the selection of our favorite homes, along with the architects who designed them and the contractors who made them. The designs are sorted by the different streets in the neighborhood. Stay tuned for updates!

Districts & Streets

20th Avenue

543 20th Avenue, San Francisco

Andrew Morrall Architect


Andrew Morrall, with the help of Hammerhouse Construction, gave this house a 2-story addition and a deck at its rear in 2016. The garage was also converted into more living space, and the kitchen was remodeled, making for a more cozy home.


17th Avenue

133 17th Avenue, San Francisco

James G. Stavoy Architect AIA


The house in 133 17th Avenue was designed by James Stavoy and remodeled by Bergquist Builders, and the project was done by the 3rd quarter of 2016. Among other project features, it involved rear 1- and 2-story additions, kitchen remodel, and a new exterior stair to the basement.

336 17th Avenue, San Francisco

John Clarke Architects


John Clarke Architects and Tom Ganley Construction Co masterfully executed an interior remodel of the kitchen and of the bathrooms on the 3rd and 4th floors while maintaining the original footprint and facade.

16th Avenue

227 16th Avenue, San Francisco

Hawk N. Lee P.E.


This house at 227 16th Avenue received quite substantial additions by early 2016, courtesy of Hawk Lee’s design. These additions include a family room at the ground floor, a new master bedroom on the 2nd, and a media room on the 3rd.

15th Avenue

154 15th Avenue, San Francisco

Ryan Group Architects


Ryan Group Architects and CDK Construction recently remodeled the interior of 154 15th Avenue, finishing by early 2017. Some highlights from the project include the remodel of the bathrooms and the relocation of the kitchen.

3rd Avenue

8 3rd Avenue, San Francisco

Thayer Hopkins Architects


Finished in the 1st quarter of 2016, Thayer Hopkins designed extensive alterations and were made by Moroso Construction. Within the house, the kitchen, baths, furnaces, water heater and lighting were altered. Meanwhile, the roof, papapet, windows and doors were replaced, and the existing deck was extended.

228 3rd Avenue, San Francisco

Andy Rodgers Design Studio


Andy Rogers Design Studio, in collaboration with Hing Wah Construction, created an expansive yet exquisite interior remodel and rear horizontal extension at 228 3rd Avenue. The alterations extended into almost every area of the house, ranging from the garage and media room, to bedrooms and baths, to the windows and even the foundations.

2nd Avenue

521 2nd Avenue, San Francisco

Topetcher Architecture


Completed by the late 1st half of 2016, Topetcher’s design on 521 2nd Avenue converted much of the interior into living space. Media room, bedrooms, baths, laundry and roof deck were added, while the kitchen and living and dining room areas were reconfigured to create a cozier environment.