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The Best Accessory Dwelling Unit Builders in Oakland, California

February 27, 2024 6 Min Read

As a bustling metropolis with a thriving economy, Oakland has naturally evolved into a prominent trading hub across diverse sectors. The resulting economic growth has paved the way for enhanced infrastructure and increased housing availability, making Oakland an appealing destination for both residents and professionals. The city offers a variety of recreational activities, from exploring Lake Merritt and the Morcom Rose Garden to participating in Art Murmur Walks and attending events in the Brooklyn Basin.

For those considering living in Oakland, we’ve curated a list of the area’s top accessory dwelling unit builders. Renowned for their professionalism and client-focused approach, these firms are led by experienced industry professionals who prioritize customizing plans and designs to meet individual client needs.

HDR Remodeling

1889 Alcatraz Ave. Berkeley, CA 94703

Founded in 1994, HDR Remodeling is the oldest firm on this list. It provides design-build and remodeling services to clients in Berkeley, Alameda, Oakland, Piedmont, and the Greater East Bay Area. These services were developed based on the firm’s philosophy to create homes that match the way people live, and it is renowned for its ability to customize everything to its clients’ unique circumstances. HDR Remodeling particularly specializes in classic and traditional residential styles, as seen in the firm’s expansive portfolio of kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom and master suites, and accessory dwelling units (ADU). In its nearly 30 years in the industry, the firm has created countless projects that provide clients with quality, practicality, style, and comfortable living. 

The dedication that the firm puts into its work has not gone unnoticed by its clients, many of whom have given the firm glowing testimonials. One client, in particular, has been going to HDR Remodeling for different house projects for more than a decade. While their review describes the firm as professional, prompt, and skilled, the client stated that they appreciate the firm’s collaborative approach the most. As a homeowner, they valued the way HDR Remodeling consistently respected their wishes and concerns, regardless of the project type, scope, or scale.

building Lab

999 43rd St. Oakland, CA 94608

building Lab specializes in designing and building thoughtful and refined residential spaces. The team focuses on exploring modern and sustainable architecture through quality construction and green building practices, allowing it to produce creative and innovative solutions for a wide variety of goals and contexts. The firm’s dedication can be seen in its collaborative approach and its team build, which comprises designers and carpenters with Green Building Professional certifications.

This modern ADU in San Francisco was originally a dilapidated casita on the rear end of the property. Its homeowners requested that building Lab help them redesign the entire unit to match their well-maintained main home. The initial concept for the remodel included a two-level structure with a roof deck, but the idea was discarded due to code restrictions. building Lab instead proceeded with a full gut renovation and prepared the 400-square-foot space to hold an expansive and serene design. The firm focused on improving the flow, using refined material details, and incorporating abundant natural light in the space.


2705 Webster St. #5755, Berkeley, CA 94705

PROYECTO was founded by Abe Wortman and Manuel Navarro, business partners who have worked together for nearly two decades. Using the remodeling experience they gained from working in real estate development, they focus on recognizing the nuances of client requests in order to maximize their firm’s service value. This meticulous approach to building relationships and designing spaces serves as the foundation of the firm’s style and success.

To ensure consistent efficiency and quality results, PROYECTO has a set of five goals it strives to achieve. These goals are: establishing trust and communication, working transparently, using seamless construction management, fostering talent, and collaborating with architects, designers, and vendors. Additionally, PROYECTO works on a limited number of homes at a time in order to give every project and client its undivided attention.

Conscious Construction

1133 Ohio Ave. Richmond, CA 94804

As the founder and president, Jeff Sochet serves at the forefront of Conscious Construction’s operations. He uses the skills he has developed from over 25 years in the industry to guide the firm in working sustainably, responsibly, and professionally. Sochet also encourages his team to work in a way that leaves a positive mark on clients and the environment. The philosophy behind his leadership style is that having the right vision, structure, and people will ensure consistent success. His guidance has helped Conscious Construction create a team that is poised to exceed all of its clients’ expectations.

Since its inception, Conscious Construction has worked with countless clients, architects, and design professionals who understand and align with the core principles that are at the core of its work: responsibility and sustainability. These partnerships have allowed Conscious Construction to create well-crafted homes that meet the social and environmental needs of its clients, employees, and community. As a result, the firm has earned a well-deserved reputation for being innovative and socially responsible.

IGreen Builders Inc.

512 Hamilton Ave. Milpitas, CA 95035

IGreen Builders Inc. was founded by Liron Knot, who uses his extensive knowledge and expertise gained from working in the industry for more than 16 years. His experience has taught him that the best approach to success is listening to and guiding his clients through projects, rather than fully taking charge. According to him, designing and building good spaces are a result of incorporating fresh perspectives and understanding different approaches. This outlook is reflected in the way that Knot interacts with his clients and team, and in how he leads the firm.

IGreen Builders Inc. works to minimize how overwhelming the construction process can be for clients. It encourages clients to share their ideas and verbalize their concerns, which also helps the firm understand the best way to adjust its approach. The firm makes it a point to guide clients through each phase, giving them all the information they need to make informed critical decisions. 


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