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The Best Remodeling Contractors in San Francisco, California

January 25, 2023 14 Min Read

As the cliché goes, home is where the heart is. It really is crucial to make everything feel cozy and personalizedeven if that means repeatedly modifying a home until it is what it is supposed to be.

San Francisco neighborhoods teem with life; they are a fusion of traditional and modern with old-age visual appeal. San Francisco homes, while often smaller, are urban and cozy, making them ideal for the active yet laid-back lifestyles of Californian urban dwellers. In San Francisco, achieving such a look is feasible; it all depends on your budget and time.

The best remodeling companies in San Francisco are featured below for people considering remodeling their houses. You can find the best contractor for your interior or exterior home remodeling project here. If it’s a new kitchen and bathroom that you need, these firms offer affordable prices and guarantee satisfaction.


1485 Bayshore Boulevard #157, Suite 220, San Francisco, CA 94124

Transforming lives and spaces, Houseworks is a firm that specializes in modern and contemporary single-family homes. The firm has maintained a highly excellent client-centered strategy since its establishment in 2005, and the consistent result is a pleasurable home remodeling experience.

Before starting the firm, founder Jeff Kann worked for more than 20 years as a senior-level executive for a large corporation with headquarters in San Francisco. That time gave him firsthand experience with the business world. Kann’s goal for Houseworks is to offer San Francisco clients first-rate bespoke design services combined with outstanding workmanship for a seamless one-stop remodeling solution.

As a team of professionals, Houseworks considers how each stage of the construction process will affect the environment. The firm also helps clients make healthy decisions for the interior environment they will be living in. The firm received First Place for an Entire House Remodel, Residential Design Award as well as Remodel of the Year Awards from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Housework also received a Remodeling BIG50 Award and is Diamond Certified.

San Francisco Design Build

171 Lily Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

San Francisco Design Build is aware of how much homeowners cherish their properties. The firm is aware that a well-designed home can make the homeowners’ lifestyle more efficient and pleasurable. As a full-service residential design and build company, SFDB specializes in a variety of projects, from bathroom and kitchen renovations to whole home renovations and extensions.

Since 2008, San Francisco Design Build’s specific projects have captured the attention of both clients and the media. SFDB’s projects have been featured in a number of publications including Spaces, Remodeling Magazine, Dwell, and Therapy. Featured below is one of the kitchen renovations of a 1920s house highlighted by Remodeling and Dwell Magazine. The house’s original hardwood flooring was kept and dispersed equally throughout.

Jessica Avezedo, Rudy Docanto, and Jonathan Carta came together and founded SFDB to address the gaps they saw in design-build companies. Since then, they have aided many homeowners in planning their projects, then building them on schedule and within budget.

Perez Construction

1485 Bayshore Boulevard, #483, San Francisco, CA 9412

Perez Constructions helps clients who want to modernize houses through renovation or add extra rooms with an expansion or an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). The firm considers its work to be finished only when the client and their family are smiling.

Founder Everson Perez earned a business management degree from San Francisco State University. Perez rejected offers to work at several large organizations in order to help his family, who had been working in the construction industry. While working, he had the idea of eventually founding Perez Construction. The firm is happy to provide opportunities for diverse Latino populations to realize the American dream as a Latino-owned company.

Clients receive more from Perez Constructions than just a standard contracting experience. The firm wants to establish a connection with its customers that will last long after they have completed the final touches on the ideal house. The firm accomplishes these goals by getting to know its clients’ stories. Perez Construction was already operating in San Francisco for more than ten years prior to being formally established in 2017.

Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc.

320 Woodside Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94127

Beyond The Horizon Construction succeeds in addressing a client’s remodeling needs thanks to the collective experience of its employees. As a family-run company, it is dedicated to offering its San Francisco clients more individualized services that put the bottom line first.

Beyond The Horizon gives free estimations for all of its services. It carries out restorations and creates unique designs for tile or laminated countertops and islands for its kitchen remodeling projects. Customized transitional floor trim, as well as various types of both exterior and interior trim work, is available for the floors. The firm’s clients can rest assured that their money is well-spent, going entirely towards the work itself since the company does not have the burdensome overhead fees associated with larger, less flexible renovation companies.

Beyond the Horizon was established in 2006 and has been in operation for more than 8 years. By utilizing double-pane Low-E windows, tankless water heaters,  reclaimed wood products, and extremely efficient types of insulation when available, the company proudly stresses Green Building approaches and materials. From 2012 through 2021, Beyond The Horizon consistently won The Talk Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction.

Edri Construction

701 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110

Edri Construction performs its work with integrity, is fully insured and licensed, and places a great emphasis on developing significant, long-lasting client relationships. Edri Construction is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive range of development, design, and renovation services throughout the northern California region thanks to its more than 20 years of industry experience and its broad network of talented contractors.

When it comes to remodeling, Edri Construction offers its clients innovative designs, affordable prices, great communication, on-time project completion, and remarkable outcomes. The firm uses the latest in construction technology and incorporates state-of-the-art building and design techniques in each and every project it undertakes. Edri is a Diamond Certified firm that specializes in single-family houses and it specializes in contemporary and traditional styles.

Lee & Co Contractors

100 Harrison Avenue, Unit 476, Auburn, CA 95603

For Lee & Co, producing an accurate manifestation of the homeowner’s concept means contractors must respect the materials and the process and work in collaboration with architects, designers, and artisans. Lee & Co. is a San Francisco-based full-service general construction company that provides excellent craftsmanship via skilled techniques as it implements residential designs. 

Arlen Lee, the firm’s founder, developed his skills working for a premier home construction company in San Francisco and overseeing multiple projects with experienced regional architects. Under his leadership, the firm has been rethinking the potential of home building and refurbishment since 2010. Lee & Co takes pride in its approachability and genuineness, as well as its devoted attention to customers and their homes.

During the company’s seven years in operation, it was acknowledged by being ranked in the hiring category of the BIG50 for Remodeling Big50 in 2017. It received a Silver Award for a Kitchen Remodel from Qualified Remodeler during the Master Designs Award in 2017. It was also ranked number 354 on Qualified Remodeler‘s list of the Top 500 Remodeling Firms that same year.

Dunros Construction

2606 26th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116

Dunros Construction has completed hundreds of projects in the wider San Francisco Bay Area during its more than 20 years of operation in the home construction industry. The company is dedicated to creating durable products with high-quality craftsmanship and doing so at fair prices.

Pat Bolger and Ronan Agnew, two general contractors with a combined 20 years of expertise in the construction and remodeling industries, founded Dunros Construction in 2009. Under their direction, the company has acquired expertise in managing remodeling projects including residential spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. The firm can also propose architects to help clients with deck ideas.

Although the company’s primary areas of competence are remodeling and new construction, its team enjoys working with wood at all skill levels and takes great delight in this art form. Sometimes clients ask Dunros to work on non-construction-related projects, such as interior and outdoor furniture, garden seats, children’s playrooms, barn doors, and once the recreation of a movie set. 

North Bay Construction, LLC

488 Frederick Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

North Bay Construction’s goal is to offer clients building, remodeling, and custom cabinetry services. Since North Bay Construction values the environment and is aware that its customers share this sentiment, it is committed to using as many green building techniques as feasible.

North Bay has a license, a guarantee, and insurance. It believes that every job should be enjoyable for the client, and requests should be honored while keeping costs and deadlines in mind. Its team is comprised of experts with years of expertise in the field, in addition to award-winning project managers. As a modest, hands-on, and comprehensive contracting firm, North Bay finds satisfaction in converting building projects into reality.

Firm owner John Fox has worked in the construction industry for almost 30 years. He was raised around it and realized early on that it was his calling. Fox has been assisting Bay Area people to maximize the potential of their homes since 2000—his firm is the complete package when it comes to general contractors. He has the carpentry training, the ability to put together the greatest remodeling teams, and the design intuition as well.

Promodeling Inc

10567 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito, CA 94530

Providing full home and business remodeling services to its industrial and private clients, Promodeling Inc. is a premier remodeling and renovation firm. Guy Oren, the company’s founder, had the idea of a first-rate one-stop-shop type of arrangement in the San Francisco Bay Area that could realize clients’ aspirations through personalized remodeling solutions. The company recently continued to expand in the San Diego region after achieving its goal.

To guarantee quality and unbeatable service, Promodeling put together a team of professionals. The team includes designers, construction engineers, and builders, which contributes to efficient execution and numerous satisfied clients. Promodeling has developed into a full-service remodeling company thanks to its cutting-edge merchandise and its knowledgeable workforce.

The guiding principle at Promodeling Inc. is to stay ahead of the recent domestic and global developments in design, development, and construction. The company is equipped to handle restoration and remodeling tasks of a wide range of sizes and scopes thanks to its creative thinking and unconventional design ideas.

Refresh & Build

501 Oak Street #3, San Francisco, CA 94102

Refresh and Build can produce a design that will meet the focal point of any street, regardless of whether clients’ tastes be historic or contemporary-modern. Refresh and Build is situated in San Francisco and employs skilled craftsmen who focus on house additions, remodels, and outdoor living spaces.

Numerous people have certainly heard terrifying tales about renovations that get entirely out of control, run out of money, and are left unfinished. Keeping everything on budget is one of the primary benefits of employing a qualified renovation business. Refresh and Build clients are informed of project expenses from the onset. The firm’s project management ensures everything is on schedule and minimizes costly delays or blunders. Clients are guaranteed a high-quality makeover at the lowest cost thanks to the team’s purchasing power on supplies and labor.

When it comes to remodeling, the company guarantees top-notch work. Refresh and Build strives to create spaces that are functional, comfortable, and in line with client needs.

Mission Home Remodeling 

357 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Since the best building, renovation, and remodeling work on a home is a big investment, clients need to find the top contractors. The mission of Mission Home Remodeling is to provide clients with home remodeling solutions that bring out the delight of the structure.

Mission Home Remodeling has quickly risen to the top spot among consumers’ preferred home remodeling companies since its founding in 2021. The goal of Mission Home Remodeling is to build, renovate, and remodel residential houses that make owners delighted once they live in them. This registered, insured, and experienced crew offers years of experience and serves the greater San Francisco Bay area. 


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